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Best Asian bridal makeup artists

11 Dec 2023
Best Asian bridal makeup artists

Asia is a land of art and creativity where artists evolve their transformative designs and skills through their remarkable work, influencing the audience with visual aesthetics. The art blends numerous cultures to spread diversity, encapsulating traditions and cultures.  

Asian Bridal Makeup

Asian bridal makeup is a fusion of traditions and contemporary sentiments. The delicacy of designs in makeup creates a one-of-a-kind look for brides, making it stand out on their special days. Choosing an intelligent makeup artist who can readily and efficiently read the skin type and tone to deliver the finest look is essential. Makeup artists play an important role in transforming the bride into a vision of elegance. Finding the best makeup artist who understands classical and contemporary art, along with the knowledge of contrasting the skin color and texture of the bride, is highly valuable. 

Tehxeeb London

Tehxeeb London is a brand of elegance; they hire makeup artists based on their professional expertise to create a stunning look for their model bride, bringing Asian charm. Their artists are highly skilled with classical and contemporary art; they can efficiently blend the colors and texture of the makeup palettes, comprehending a remarkable charm on the model's face and aligning with their bridal outfits. 

Highlights some of the best makeup artist

The following pointers highlight some of the best makeup artists in Asia who can efficiently provide a radiant glow to the bride, bringing out her charm and comfort with their master-level skills.


Tamanna Roashan (DressYourFace):

  • Tamanna Roashan, famous for the synonym DressYourFace, is a well-known makeup artist. Her art is globally appreciated, and she has massive followers. Specializing in Indian and Pakistani bridal makeup, Tamanna can smoothly create a fusion of traditional art with a modern blend of colors and textures. She is known throughout the globe for her trendy makeup styles that make the bride look splendid on her wedding day.

Lisa Eldridge:

  • Lisa Eldridge is famous for her cultural makeup styles and has been a popular Asian makeup artist. She is globally appreciated for her expertise. She keenly understands the bride's beauty and arranges the makeup according to her features and style. She has spent decades to set her career to the success levels. She delivers the pairing of classical and traditional looks with contemporary style, making the bride attractive to the audience. 

Namrata Soni:

  • Namrata Soni is a renowned Indian makeup artist famous for her celebrity makeup. She is well known for her exceptional skills in bridal makeup. She has a talent for enriching the bride's glow and charm with her artistic skills; she has been gracing Bollywood celebrities with enhanced bridal features, maintaining the natural look with a radiant glow. She knows how to balance the traditional and modern look, which makes her stand out in the artistic landscape.  

Pati Dubroff:

  • Pati Dubroff is a versatile makeup artist who has been observed to connect different cultural makeups to design her style. She has a good understanding of artistic looks. Along with the Asian look, she fuses other cultures to blend into the finest version. She brings a style that makes the bride look stunning. A bride seeking glamour and sophistication turns to Patti for her extensive client base. 

Ojas Rajani:

  • Ojas Rajani is famous for her bold and experimental scene. Therefore, she is prominent in the Indian bridal makeup industry. Rajani is well known for her innovative technique in art and style with colorful fusions. She creates striking and memorable looks with her ability to push the boundaries of traditional makeup look. She makes unique and contemporary brides with her signature skills. 

Michelle Phan:

  • Michelle Phan has been an influential personality in the beauty influencer space. However, she is an intelligent bridal makeup artist. Michelle has become famous through her online tutorial sessions and has expanded her expertise through her timeless and elegant bridal looks. She has a good knowledge of building Eastern and Western cultures through her makeup styling techniques. With her Asian beauty trends, she provides brides with diverse inspirations. 


Ambreen Makeup Artist:

  • Ambreen Ahmed, known as Ambreen Makeup Artist, is a Pakistani makeup artist who is highly sought after for her skilled profession. She has specialized in traditional bridal makeup looks. She is famous for her henna designs and ability to make the brides look flawless with Pakistani bridal attire. 


The bride selects the best makeup artist for her special day; the specific artist will capture her vision through her makeup look aligning with her wedding outfit and the event's formality.  The makeup artist has not just mastered technical skills but has a good understanding of cultural grading. Asian makeup is a symbol of unique beauty and elegance. The artist contributes to building diverse cultural art with modern touches, making the bride feel confident and comfortable in her attire and style. They create beautiful bride to look stunning at their momentous event. These artists can make the bride’s dream look come true.  

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