Amty Ahmad the founder of Tehxeeb London, has a strong passion for fashion and love for traditional craft with sensitivity to culture. She laid the foundation of this venture a decade ago despite backlash from society of being a woman, she stayed firm and dedicated and grew this business. Due to her hard work, dedication and passion, today she has made Tehxeeb London a big brand of couture and bridal wear. She managed to grow her business and today is proud to have opened two branches in London and Birmingham. Her love for cultural, traditional, and spiritual aspects is intertwined with her own spiritual insight into God's omnipresent manifestation in her lovely creations.

Amty envisioned Tehxeeb London which is one of the best Luxury Brand that embodies elegance, accessibility, and unique perspectives. Tehxeeb London is inspired by traditional art, culture, craftsmanship and inclusivity. The Brand represents her own sense of style and sensibility, which she brings to life with the help of her skilled and knowledgeable team of designers and master craftsmen.

She is a very passionate designer because of her great aesthetic and fashion sense. She communicates her ideas through fashion illustrations and enjoys experimenting with different cuts and colors.

Through her brand she keeps redefining elegance and style, experimenting with shapes and silhouettes to stunning effect. She keeps raising the bar and is consistent. She serves as a representative of rich traditions by providing access to her extensive and beautiful collections.

Amty Ahmad is not only business minded but also takes complete interest in social activities for the betterment of society, as she has the heart that empathizes with people in need and has a human nature. Tehxeeb London is proud to share its association with The Citizen Foundation (TCF) and is involved in giving free education to almost 200 under-privileged children.

She appreciates solid ethics and develops long-lasting relationships with her customers. She leaves a lasting effect on the wants and aspirations of women who have a good sense of style and an eye for quality thanks to the entire consumer experience she provides. She totally believes in customer satisfaction. The brand depicts her personal style and sensibility and is brought to life by a team of skilled and experienced designers and skilled craftsmen. So that you get a perfectly designed outfit. Through Tehxeeb London she lets you experience and celebrate the royal within you with a perfect touch of traditional aspects.